Utah Gun Dog Training

Utah Gun Dog Training by Sprig Kennels

We provide gun dog training in northern Utah for all types of gun dogs.

Experienced gun dog training is available in Utah by a professional bird dog trainer with gun dog training experience which started back in the spring of 1993. Sprig Kennels offers gun dog training in northern Utah for your hunting retriever for both waterfowl and upland game as well as gun dog training for all pointing and flushing breeds. We currently have over 18 years of bird dog training experience in Utah and can definitely help you achieve the hunting dog you always wanted. If you are looking for an expert and experienced gun dog trainer in Utah, Sprig Kennels is your bird dog training kennel. If you are looking for bird dog training in Utah to help you and your dog compete in AKC hunt tests, hunt waterfowl or upland game, or both, we can help you achieve the hunting dog you have always wanted. We are Utah’s premier bird dog training facility. Other gun dog training places say they are bird dog trainers but only do it in their spare time after their regular job but gun dog training is what we do, full time. We have literally trained hundreds upon hundreds of successful bird dogs, which includes both retrievers and pointing dogs, for sportsmen here in Utah and surrounding states and we can train your gun dog too.

We excel at training labrador retrievers for both the field and the home.

The gun dog training for retrievers consists of training your hunting dog on concepts such as marking, handling, blind retrieves, and tracking. We also offer e-collar conditioning and training, force fetching, as well as many other needed bird dog training concepts. Long and short-term gun dog training is available for both our on-site dog training program and our dog training sessions. The bird dog training for pointing breeds consists of training on pointing, steadying a dog on point, retrieving as well as basic obedience training and electronic collar conditioning and training, if applicable.

On-Site Dog Training Program

Our on-site gun dog training program is available by the month and allows more intensive gun dog training for your dog by leaving the dog with us for a period of time. The dogs are routinely worked on requested training concepts and the dog owner is encouraged to visit and get involved with the gun dog training as much as possible. Our on-site gun dog training is $800 per month which includes boarding, feeding, birds, a monthly heartworm preventative(Heartguard, dog needs to have vet clearance for heartworm medication),gun dog training, (when filming is possible)videos posted to our youtube account so you can see the dogs progress and unlimited hands-on training sessions(appointments required) with the owner and the dog. Discounts are available for multiple dogs brought in at the same time so if you have more than one dog to train or have friends looking to get some dog training, bring them in together and receive a discount on the training fee. This really is the best bird dog training program in Utah. We accept cash,PayPal and credit card payments processed with PayPal. We are located in Corinne, Utah, just 25 minutes from Logan, Utah and Ogden, Utah. We are just 50 minutes from Salt Lake City, Utah. We have access to some of the best training grounds in Utah for gun dog training for both upland game and waterfowl gun dog training.

Gun Dog Training Sessions

Our gun dog training classes are designed to teach you how to train your hunting dog to become a more reliable gun dog. They are available on an appointment basis throughout the year, weather permitting. The gun dog training classes are set up similar to actual field training scenarios and are designed for you and your gun dog’s particular needs. They are a good alternative to on-site gun dog training for people who want to learn more about training their gun dog and be more involved in the gun dog training program. The gun dog training classes consist of individual instruction for you and your dog, although small group classes are available by request.

Our gun dog training sessions are for those individuals wanting to learn first hand how to train a skilled hunting dog. The gun dog training sessions will be available year round in Northern Utah, weather permitting. We conduct these gun dog training sessions in actual hunting environments for both upland game and waterfowl hunting. Our gun dog training for retrievers is largely based around the AKC hunt test program criteria and we strongly urge dog owners to get involved in the AKC hunt test program. We strongly stress owner participation and education in our gun dog training programs and have found over the years that a better trained gun dog will result with a better trained handler.

The bird dog training sessions are available on an individual or small training group basis. We provide the basic gun dog equipment such as bumpers, leashes, launchers, etc… The gun dog training sessions for retriever owners are especially great for young dogs and new handlers and for owners needing some help with longer or multiple marks. The gun dog training sessions can cover a variety of aspects, including basic obedience, basic marking skills, basic handling and blinds, upland game training, advanced marking and blinds, and other areas needed for a skilled hunting dog. The bird dog training sessions for pointing dogs can cover topics such as e-collar training, whoa training, steady to wing and shot, force fetching, as well as the dog being worked on live fly-away pigeons in bird launcher, at no extra charge.

Gun Dog Training Session Prices

Individual Gun Dog Training Sessions (1 handler, 1 dog)
$30 per gun dog training session
$100 per 4 gun dog training sessions ($25 per session)
$180 per 8 gun dog training sessions ($22.50 per session)
Group gun dog training sessions (2 or more handlers per session, 1 dog per handler)
$20 per gun dog session per handler

We are centrally located in northern Utah, just a short drive from both cache valley and Weber counties. Contact Sprig Kennels for more information or to schedule some gun dog training sessions.